Ghost Power

Sci-fi funk instrumentals from power duo

Who They?

Lashed together from the sympatico psyches of Tim Gane (Stereolab, Cavern Of Anti-Matter) and Jeremy Novak (Dymaxion), Ghost Power is an instrumental project that lit up during the days of the pandemic. Gane and Novak convened in both Berlin and New York, or would work remotely when circumstances dictated. When the pair released 2020’s numbered and hand-stamped seven-inch single, ‘Asteroid Witch’ / ‘Inchwork’, it sold out overnight.

Why Ghost Power?

Building from their debut single (both sides of which are included on their recent self-titled first long-player), Ghost Power slot into that part of the musical spectrum where their largely instrumental offerings tilt fetchingly towards soundtrack music. A handful of the tracks clock in fairly close to the two-minute mark, which makes them feel like tantalisingly crafted cues for a modern sci-fi, featuring a tremendous amount of retro furniture. Very analogue- sounding synths and acoustic drums bring a Stereolab vibe to proceedings, but that’s taking the lazy listener’s route. The themes they’ve forged are all brilliantly arranged and they never let their Moon Boots slip from the throttle.

Tell Us More…

So far, Gane and Novak have kept mum about future Ghost Power music, although it’s unlikely that any live gigs would be put together to perform material featuring dozens of unique sounds from a number of vintage palettes. But considering the end-to-end enjoyment of this first album and the positive reception it has generated, it’s a fair bet that more shuttles will be departing their launchpad.

‘Ghost Power’ is out on Duophonic Super 45s

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