Sonny Eriksson

Cyberbilly from the fourth dimension

Photo: Nana Klimek

Who He?

Yeah yeah, we’ll get to that in a minute. For now let’s just stick with things on a need to know basis. Sonny Eriksson is teddy boy from the future, you know, the fourth dimension, from where he brings greetings in the shape of his debut album, ‘The Sound Of Sonny Eriksson’.

Why Sonny Eriksson

The album is nuts. Acid riffs, housey licks, twanging guitars, double bass twirls and curled lips. Eriksson serves up some really neat touches including ‘C’Mon America’ which lifts neatly from ‘West Side Story’, while ‘Boom Bang Bang’ doffs in the direction of Lulu’s Eurovision stormer ‘Boom Bang A Bang’. It’s wacky, waaaay out there and all brilliantly good fun. It’s got a touch of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, a whole lot of talent show Elvis. If you found yourself in a bar in ‘Blade Runner’, Eriksson would be the star turn.

Tell Us More

Soooooooo who is Sonny Eriksson? Well, it’s none other than Adamski. No stranger to an alter-ego, it’s hard to know what to expect next from the maverick, forward-facing producer. On page 92, he reveals Sonny’s inspiration is quite a lot Alan Vega, which makes perfect sense. Last time we saw Adamski, he’d gone waltz, and true to his word when he released ‘Revolt’ in 2015, he really has stopped making in music in 4/4 time. So yes, this is the first three-step electro acid rockabilly record. Niche safely cornered there, we’d say.

‘The Sound Of Sonny Eriksson’ is out on Futurewaltz Recordings

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