Deliciously soul-infused sunrise soundtrack

photo: jesse jenkins

Who They?

Who knew classy electronic pop didn’t have to be made by duos? Hailing from London, the HÆLOS trio of Arthur Delaney, Dom Goldsmith and Lotti Benardout generated something of a buzz when they delivered their debut track ‘Dust’ last summer and now they’re set to repeat the trick with their debut album.

Why Hælos?

You know that feeling when you really should be in bed, but the sun’s starting to rise and you’re still out partying? That feeling of walking an elated/deflated tightrope? HÆLOS set out to try and isolate that very essence of queasy inbetween-ness and soundtrack it just to mess with your head and leave you not sure whether you’re up or down. Asleep or awake. This is comedown music for tired and emotional night owls with heavy hearts and sore feet.

Tell Us More

Pace is the trick here: their debut album, ‘Full Circle’, could have been a suite of dancefloor-friendly cuts, but instead they decided to slow everything down to a graceful, treacly tempo, perfectly suited to the jaded mood they were trying to evoke, while Bernadout has that classic icy, soulful club-friendly vocal thing down to a fine art, see the excellent ‘Dust’ as a ripe example. This is what you want to hear when you’re ordering breakfast from an all-night café just to keep the night from ending, an ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ for a generation weened on The xx.

‘Full Circle’ is released by Matador

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