Liam Mour

Analogue synthing Nils Frahm protege

Who They?

Liam Mour is a gifted multi-instrumental keyboardist, who began playing piano at the age of six. Born in a remote mountainous region of Central Asia, but now based in Berlin, he’s been taken under the wing of the pre-eminent experimental neoclassicist Nils Frahm. A firmly-established resident at Berlin’s renowned Funkhaus and with support slots for the likes of Four Tet, Gold Panda and Max Cooper already under his belt, word-of-mouth is spreading.

Why Liam Mour?

Mour is recognised for his light-filled, exuberant dancefloor-friendly sound heard in last year’s releases, the soaring ‘Ode To Youth’ and ‘Dreaming Of A Better Place’. His third EP, ‘Above’, travels to more exploratory soundscapes, exemplified by its texturally nuanced title track – a thrilling downtempo sci-fi fantasia suffused with the muted shades of twilight, its cavernous spaces and choral sequences are filmic and brilliantly transporting.

Tell us more…

Born high in the remote Tian-Shan region of Kyrgyzstan, where life was hard (little electricity, no warm running water and only horses or donkeys for transport), and then later raised in Germany, there’s a transcendent quality to Mour’s work that is surely part-explained by his unique high-altitude upbringing. What really appeals though, is his tendency for the emotive qualities of analogue synths, and the inimitably expressive sound of the Korg MS-10 in particular. He deftly juxtaposes its singular tones alongside the organic textural qualities of traditional instrumentation in a manner which marks him out. We’ll be keeping a very close eye on him this year.

‘Above’ EP is released by Ode To Youth

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