Mint Field

Psychedelic Mexican shoegaze

Who They?

Estrella Sanchez (sings like an angel, plays guitar like the demon spirit of Kevin Shields), and Amor Amezcu (plays drums and synths though surely not simultaneously), hail from Tijuana, the Mexican border town that holds, by all accounts, the kind of unique tension and energy that regularly foments some pretty vibrant scenes.

Why Mint Field?

Their distinctively Latin, psych-edged take on shoegaze feels just right. It swirls in a sun-baked lysergic dreamworld, and works extremely well live (they’ve already played the SXSW and Coachella festivals as well as toured with the likes of Iceage and Suuns). Comparisons to Mazzy Star, MBV and Slowdive may well be inevitable, but they’ve just as much in common with contemporary inner-space explorers like Chileans, The Holydrug Couple and, in particular, Föllakzoid and their reverbed guitar and analogue synth-washed forays into the kosmiche.

Tell Us More

Ex-professional bowler Estrella met Amor at high school, where the pair bonded over their love for classic British indie; shoegaze in particular. Amor is a self-confessed synth geek, but also a very nifty drummer, aided by her double-jointedness. Upcoming debut album ‘Pasar De Las Luces’ demonstrates a real savvy for both influence-channelling and new furrow ploughing. Think Neu!, Beach House and Ride combined, an you’re somewhere close. Catch them at their handful of live UK dates over the next couple of months in Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester and London, so you can tell your mates that you saw them first.

‘Pasar De Las Luces’ is released by Innovative Leisure

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