Indian Wells

Italiano crisp ’n’ creative ’tronica

Photo: Leonardo Calvano

Who He?

Indian Wells is the pseudonym of Pietro Iannuzzi, an electronic music producer from southern Italy with two albums on Bad Panda and a bunch of remixes for labels like Ghostly and Bastard Jazz under his belt.

Why Indian Wells?

Iannuzzi’s music has a quietly ordered sense of creative discipline. Using crisp, often glacially-slow techno and wordless vocals as constant anchors on his first album (2012’s ‘Night Drops’), Iannuzzi found himself playing around in electronica’s brittle edges, building out hip pieces of sound art using recordings of tennis matches, footsteps and street noises as inputs without ever once sounding pretentious. An awareness of space and atmosphere is audible in everything he’s released, leading some reviewers to mistake the noir-y thoughtfulness on 2015’s meditative ‘Pause’ as gloomy electronic melancholia.

Tell Us More

Delicate, considered melodic gestures have always been a staple of Indian Wells releases. With new album ‘Where The World Ends’, released after a switch to LA’s Friends Of Friends imprint, Iannuzzi presents a refreshing vision of club music that often contains all the pace and energy associated with the genre, yet offsets that with overlapping layers of ebbing and flowing arpeggios and hooks that are alternately pretty and subtly anxious. The latter quality arises from Iannuzzi’s life-long preoccupation with borders and limits, both naturally-occurring and those that are self-enforced. They are thought boundaries which thankfully never seem to constrain the music he makes as Indian Wells.

‘Where The World Ends’ is out on Friends of Friends

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