Mind Enterprises

Clambering aboard synthpop-infused groovy train

Who He?

Mind Enterprises, otherwise known as Andrea Tirone, moved from sunny Turin to less sunny Clapton, east London, in order to broaden his musical horizons. His plan worked well, as he was swiftly picked up by the Double Denim label, who released his ‘Summer War’ single, a weird mix of jarring synths and crashing percussion, in August 2012. 

Why Mind Enterprises?

He’s an emotional soul who pours everything into his music. “I can spend 24 hours playing the same note over and over, but I don’t get bored, because I am slightly mad,” he offers helpfully. Experimental and minimalist, his 2013 EP ‘My Girl’ came fuelled with post-punk roots and afro-funk influences. Layered, jittery and offbeat, it was a record you never tired of. Since then, he’s refined his sound further, switched labels and released his debut album, ‘Idealistic’.

Tell Me More

‘Girlfriend,’ which appears on said album, was the first song he wrote as Mind Enterprises and was recorded after an epiphany in the dead of night. “I remember I woke up singing the melody and recorded it straight away,” he says. Sitting alongside the funk-infused synthpop of ‘Idealistic’ and ‘Chapita’, it seems that move to London was a good call after all. Never mind the greyer skies, there’s nothing dull about what Mind Enterprises is creating.

‘Idealistic’ is out on Because

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