Miss Grit

Sensory cyborgian electropop from NY

Photo: Hoseon Sohn


Margaret Sohn is a Korean-American musician trading under the moniker, Miss Grit. Originally from Michigan, Sohn left home to study on the Music Technology course at NYU, and since graduating she’s churned out a number of well-received EPs. But with news of a debut album coming out early next year on Mute Records, the label have treated us to two singles from the record, both of which show a genuine star-in-waiting.

Why Miss Grit?

Like some of Mute’s most revered releases, Sohn’s intelligent brand of pop comes laced with the threat of something darker lurking behind the accessible chord structures. ‘Follow The Cyborg’, the lead single and title track from the upcoming album, is a glitchy electropop anthem full of incisive lyrics referencing the mechanical nature of modern pop culture and warning, “I was born to pose / Oh, I was born with clothes”. One of Sohn’s main inspirations is American artist St Vincent, which makes total sense when you press play on ‘Like You’, the second single released ahead of the full album. This track draws you in with catchy vocal hooks, before grabbing you by the scruff of the neck with ferociously muscular guitar riffs.

Tell Us More…

‘A quick scour of Sohn’s album artwork and music videos reveals an artist firmly engaged with the spectre of artificial intelligence. She even shaved her eyebrows off for the ‘Follow The Cyborg’ video, which is usually a good measure of commitment. Yet while there’s a sense of imminent sci-fi dystopia to the sonic worlds she’s creating (with the influence of films like ‘Ex Machina’ writ large), Sohn’s future is very bright. Resistance, you might have guessed, is futile.

‘Follow The Cyborg’ and ‘Like You’ are out on Mute.

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