House of Blondes

Temporal NYC synthy trickery

Who They

The New York-based House Of Blondes comprises of one Blonde (first name John) and Chris Pace. They are a constant presence in the city’s music scene, and have been working together since 2007. ‘Time Trip’ is their third studio album, and the first released on the Alrealon Musique label.

Why House Of Blondes?

This album has been in the making since 2015, which isn’t surprising really given the level of musical attention paid to the project, with a raft of samples and synthesisers (analogue and digital) sitting snugly alongside bass guitars and drums. While House Of Blondes released their first album in 2012, John Blonde has previously released material in 2007 under the name of… House Of Blondes. Call it v1.0 if you will.

Tell Us More

Apparently the album was partly inspired by a part of Daniel Boorstin’s ‘The Discovers’, which explores how humans came to understand time, which makes sense when you consider the range of time-related track titles. It becomes particularly clear that they also have a taste for the theatrical. Take ‘Why It Happened In The West’, which layers a long, soaring synthline over a subdued drum rhythm which pulses like a heartbeat. Likewise, the beat behind ‘Modern Clock’ ticks away in the midst of lush pads and pulsating keys. ‘Time Trip’ almost functions more as a score rather than an album. It’s the type of music you put on to transform your drab commute into a gripping scene from ‘Blade Runner’.

‘Time Trip’ is released by Alrealon Musique

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