Hidden People

Lyonnaise avant-pop thrills

Who They?

French duo Mélissa Acchiardi and Aëla Gourvennec make prog in the widest sense. From cello, banjo, drums, a synth, a sampler and two voices, they playfully defy expectations, presenting big ideas with a wry smile. Their music also features samples of the “shadows gathered at the edge of paths”. Intrigued, you should be…

Why Hidden People?

The duo are a fervent example of a resurgent French underground scene unashamed of wild experimentation. Debut album ‘Tambour Cloche’ (released in France in 2018 and now getting a physical release in the UK) loosely connects French folk and classical traditions with ye-ye pop and modern electronic styles with little regard to the sanctity of any of it. The album is also imbued with political activism and wilful scandalising of ideas. ‘Sexy’ is an edgy minimalist jam propelling an aggressive narrative against the male gaze, while ‘You Smell’ is pure spoken-word vulgarity offset with a waltz. Piecing together each track from experiences of places and concepts, plus the texts of Allen Ginsberg and Richard Brautigan, it could be seen as a pompous art-fuelled exercise, but the inherent humour makes it enjoyably satirical. Regardless, there is much to enjoy without drowning in the conceptual.

Tell us more…

Hidden People spearhead the UK release schedule of Lyon-based DIY collective/label Dur Et Doux. Alongside ‘Tambour Cloche’, a 15-track sampler ‘Ca Marchera Jamais’ opens a window on a label touching many genre bases in unexpected ways. Interestingly, the label is working in partnership with Outré who are already responsible for bringing the brilliant Juniore to these shores. Oh and away from the music, Mélissa Acchiardi can be found playing the lead in 2017 movie ‘Autour De Luisa’.

‘Tambour Cloche’ is out on Dur Et Doux/Outré

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