Pleasure Pool

Eclectic sounds to dive into


A Glasgow collective whose principal figures are Finn O’Hare (synths, production) and Andrew “Shandy” Robertson (vocals). The pair have known each other for a decade, but only got around to making music together in 2018, when they began frequenting The Greenroom, a long-established studio/rehearsal hub which has seen almost every major Glaswegian band pass through its doors. They quickly joined forces with Optimo Music, another of the city’s iconic names, who released their debut ‘Night Scars’ EP in early 2020.

Why Pleasure Pool?

Their percussive sound, with its liberal use of dub effects and cowbells, is unlike anything else passing for dance music in 2023. Instead, their palette harks back to early 1980s New York – think Liquid Liquid, Arthur Russell’s Dinosaur L guise, or LCD Soundsystem minus the snark. The early days of acid house loom large too. The spaciness of ‘Lick The Bag’, a raucous cut taken from their debut album, ‘Love Without Illusion’, recalls landmark tracks such as ‘Voodoo Ray’ (“I think we wanted to capture the joy and euphoria of that era,” says O’Hare).

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Meanwhile the dub influence arrives via their love for Bill Laswell’s output and a penchant for analogue gear. “Not that we’re analogue purists,” insists O’Hare. “But just staring at a laptop screen all day gets too much.” And the cowbells? “Well, they always sound good live,” asserts Shandy. “Someone whacking a cowbell is like an order to dance.” Having conquered Glasgow, the pair are keen to take their live show to the rest of the UK and beyond. It’ll be a party – cowbells and all.

‘Love Without Illusion’ is out on Optimo Music

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