Scottish, left-field, floor-filling rippers 

Who they? 

A maker of experimental pop bangers as well as a DJ and visual artist, Glasgow-based Taahliah is spearheading a new generation of producers whose hard and fast anthems are uniting and uplifting queer communities. Releasing her debut mini album ‘Angelica’ in May last year, ‘Angelica (Extended)’ is a collection of remixed and reimagined versions of the original tracks.

Why Taahliah? 

Although still relatively new to the game, Taahliah is already one of the biggest names in Scotland’s diverse electronic music scene. After an obligatory stint in Berlin honing her DJ skills and soaking up a wide array of musical influences, she made a scorching Boiler Room debut in January 2021. Last year she also became the first black trans artist to be nominated at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, and the first artist to win in two categories in the same year. Impressive, no?

Tell us more…

‘Angelica’ and ‘Angelica (Extended)’ both embody Taahliah’s expansive production skills, shifting effortlessly from the crystalline pop sheen of ‘Brave’ (and its sweeping ‘Orchestral Mix’ version) to the punchy dancefloor beats and dirty talk of ‘FMH’ and the pitched-up trance hedonism of ‘Freefalling (Euphoria Mix)’. Her music bristles with an emotive resonance that channels a range of autobiographical experiences, including coming to terms with being trans, the realities of her working-class background, and the high and lows of falling in love. With dates lined up in London and Manchester, she will also perform at European festivals over the summer including ISC Bern in Switzerland and Sziget Festival in Hungary. Looks like 2022 is set to be hers for the taking.

‘Angelica (Extended)’ is out on Untitled Recs

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