NYC gone LA duo fill up with funky fuel

Who They?

Brooklyn female twosome Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais. After decamping to Sunset Boulevard for the winter, they are just about to serve up a pretty satisfying old school electro-pop thrum of a new album. Think The Human League with New Order’s drum machine fronted by Kim Wilde and you’re almost there.

Why Telepathe?

There’s a list. Isn’t there always a list? Their debut long-player, ‘Dance Mother’, was described as an “evil R&B and 4AD slow dance”. They’ve been remixed by LCD Soundsystem and produced by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek. They played live support to Julian Casablancas and Vampire Weekend.

Well worth a little listen then, yes? Telepathe’s second album, which is called ‘Destroyer’, is a leap and a bound on from their debut, sounding altogether brighter, poppier, funkier. But then there has been some water under the bridge…

Tell Us More

To say ‘Destroyer’ has been a long time coming is a bit like saying £1,000 for a bag of crisps is a bit steep. Telepathe debuted with the ‘Farewell Forest’ EP in 2006, followed it up with the ‘Sinister Militia’ single (remixed by said LCD) in 2007, and then clearly got a shift on to get their first full-length out. So that’ll be 2009’s ‘Dance Mother’.

Clearly striking while the iron is hot, we’re pleased to report that the sophomore album is well worth the wait. Check especially the furiously euphoric electro-fuelled ‘Onyx’ and the delightful silver-tongued closer, ‘Fuck You Up’.

‘Destroyer’ is released on the band’s own BZML label

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