Jake Chudnow

Soundscaping the world of science

Who they?

American emigre now based in London, Jake Chudnow creates vivid and lush sound worlds of electronic clarity and melody. His tracks pop up on YouTube, with films collaged by Jake from government public information footage of the 1950s and 60s. His music has backed videos on the hugely popular science education YouTube channel Vsauce, which has led to many millions of streams for his tracks.

Why Jake Chudnow?

If music for science is your thing, then Jake’s mojo should be right up your test tube. He operates in the same neck of the woods as other architects of irresistible electronic melancholy like Luke Abbott and Jon Hopkins, building epic pieces from minimal sources with a deft touch that seems unwavering. An hour spent with his strangely affecting videos can be quite the experience. I’ve yet to find a duffer.

Tell us more…

His brand new track, ‘Columbia’, via the Glyph label, has a breathtaking video in collaboration with The Beauty Of Science, a brand founded by one Yan Liang, PhD to bring the beauty of chemistry to the general public. Stunning images of crystals spiking into their shapes and spores growing and changing colour sit with Jake’s track like they were made for each other.

“I’ve been a long time fan of The Beauty Of Science,” Jake tells us. “Specifically how they are able to capture such fascinating footage from materials that are very much real. It stokes a curiosity and excitement about all of the psychedelic and surreal things happening around us and inside us.”

There are interesting plans in the Petri dish, including vinyl releases and possibly a generative music box along the lines of the Buddha Machine. We’ll let you know…

‘Columbia’ is out now on Glyph Recordings

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