The B-Roll

A/V feast from film/modular maestro


When he’s not busy slicing and dicing movies for major studio sizzle reels, Charlie Visnic can be found in his own studio in southern California using his modular rig to puree video clips in an altogether different way. By sequencing tiny fragments of film through a nest of wires and Eurorack gear, he produces clever and engaging experimental music for his Instagram feed that never disappoints.

Why The B-Roll?

Visnic’s posts span an imagined grey area, as familiar and not so familiar film scenes are broken down into minute chunks that blossom into tantalising, hooky loops of sight and sound. Even within the constraints of Instagram, his work has the sort of outsized appeal that is often hard to come by on the social media platform. Visnic says his favourite sources include ‘Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’, ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’, and ‘Boogie Nights’ (duh). But it’s his manipulation of off-the-radar segments, like a pair of Japanese shamisen players, that add the truly intriguing element.

Tell Us More…

If you break down Visnic’s process into layman’s terms, he reworks the film clips live on a laptop, before manipulating them further through his modular setup using a piece of software called 64 Fingers, which he modified for film, creating a new version called 64 (Video) Fingers. The software allows moving-image clips to be sequenced, layered and processed as he sees fit, and apart from how sonically interesting the resulting work is, the looping video snippets are equally mesmeric. Visnic currently has no plans to release material beyond the realms of the internet, but extended mixes of what he’s been able to conjure can be found on YouTube.

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