Hardcore acid scouse

Who they?

A mercurial new Liverpool-based electronic rock trio featuring Guy McKnight, frontman of much-missed noisy Brighton goths The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. So far The DSM IV have only released three tracks, but they’ve been honing their live shows and giving headline acts like Sleaford Mods and The Libertines a run for their money all across Europe. 

Why The DSM IV?

A good question might be why IV when there are only III in the band, and what does DSM stand for anyway? A cursory Google search brings up an American diagnostic statistical manual of psychiatric disorders first published in the 1950s, though don’t expect the book to remain at the top of searches for long. Alongside McKnight are Jade Ormesher and Pav Cummins, with an auxiliary member Jimmy Higgs giving them quad squad verisimilitude in the live arena. 

Tell us more…

The talismanic McKnight still has the ability to summon the demons and bewitch an audience with his hoodoo, and his Cramps-style rockabilly drawl works surprisingly well with a TR-606 and some Korgs. This displacement is ultimately what makes The DSM IV so interesting, because where they might go when they finally release their debut album – currently being recorded at The Libertines’ Albion Rooms studio in Margate – is anyone’s guess. In the meantime check out the propulsive swing and joyous hooks of ‘Killing Your Time’, the decadent seaside emptiness of ‘Funland’, and the local listings for performances coming soon to a theatre near you…

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