Andy Fosberry

Sci-fi soundtracker goes soul searching 

Who they? 

The grandson of a jazz pianist, one-time teenage drummer and prolific producer of epic synth soundtracks, although his new album, ‘When Comfort Is Stranger’, takes a more reflective, personal approach. “It was an album I felt I needed to make,” explains the Hampshire-based Fosberry. “The title came from thinking about how it’s often an alien concept to find comfort in this world right now.” The album’s elegant piano, off-kilter percussion and immersive electronica certainly combine to darkly beautiful effect.

Why Andy Fosberry?

Previously he’s recorded as Sunset Graves, but March’s ‘Death Ship 2047’ was released under his own name and was a thunderous homage to cult 1997 film ‘Event Horizon’. “I’ve been a fan of sci-fi and horror since I was a kid,” he explains. “True story: that album began as a serious pitch to Amazon to compose the score for their upcoming ‘Event Horizon’ TV series. Evidently, I didn’t get the job.”

Tell us more…

‘When Comfort Is Stranger’ has a delicate, fragile track named after Lana Del Rey. “I have no idea what made me listen to ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’ one day back in May,” he ponders. “But I did. Then I listened again. And again. Over this hot, weird summer it’s woven itself into the fabric of my life. I listen to that album like walking through rooms of paintings and photographs.” Elsewhere, ‘H In A Circle’ samples Fosberry’s percussive crunching of a pill packet, and the elegiac ‘Plastic Ocean’ is a stately, mournful piano-led rumination on environmental disaster. Grim?” Yes,” he admits,“but I always try to find the beauty in that”. We’d have to say he’s succeeded. 

‘When Comfort Is Stranger’ is out now on Third Kind

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