The Flying Mojito Bros

1970s Pan-American disco bandoleros

Who He?

Producer/musician Ben Chetwood and DJ/crate digger Jack Sellen, who, it says here, emerged from a desert haze several years ago somewhere along State Route 375 between Hiko and Warm Springs. It’s going to be one of those days, isn’t it?

Why The Flying Mojito Bros?

As far as DJing duos go, nine times out of 10 we’d be chasing them away with a big stick, but this pair with their live show featuring mash-ups, on-the-fly remixing, edits and live instrumentation not to mention and trippy visuals and more choice 70s soft rock and disco beats than can be healthy… right up our street let me tell you.

Tell Us More…

Yes, we know this looks like a thinly veiled excuse to write about Steely Dan… again. And yes, FMB have rewired ‘Do It Again’ in spectacular fashion, but that’s not why we’re here. New track ‘Keep On’ is more than their latest “refrito”, it’s their first fully original composition, complete with vocal borrowed from Steve Miller’s June 1976 smash, ‘Rock’n Me’. Oh yes. There’s a slight ‘Screamadelica’ vibe with a dose of desert fever about it. It’s a bit baggy, with a 70s West Coast vibe… it has to be heard really. “This track is us in transition from edits and remixes towards full-on Flying Mojito productions,” say the gents. “We’re really proud to bring to life some of ‘our sound’ as we knew it in our heads: NY disco, peachy country funk, west coast sophistication, Latin American percussion, southern hoodoo, Caribbean rhythms. This track ticks a few of those boxes.”
Can’t wait for more if we’re honest.

‘Keep On’ is available via

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