Virginia Wing

Purveyors of pop wanderlust with experimental twist

Who They?

Sam Pillay birthed the band in his Camberwell bedroom in south London in 2012, naming the project after Grace Slick’s mother. When Alice Merida Richards and Sebastian Truskolaski clambered on board the good ship Virginia Wing, they brought with them a toolbox full of the stuff required to add weight and mass to a new collective sound.

Why Virginia Wing?

Their 2014 debut album, ‘Measures Of Joy’, is reason enough. It’s a record to listen to with your eyes closed. It conjures up all sorts of visuals and you’ll hear something new every time. Keep your peepers wide open just now though and take a look at their new ‘Rhonda’ EP, three tracks spread across a 12-inch, with a lovely sleeve featuring artwork from artist and long-time collaborator Flo Brooks.

Tell Us More

‘Rhonda’ begins with a wander through a sparse landscape, the musical elements unfurling around and interacting with one another. A couple of minutes in and BANG, the landscape is pulled from under your feet and you’re suddenly suspended in the throbbing centre of a rhythmic pop song. It’s often a similar story with Virginia Wing, but it’s never a dull one. The supporting cast – the meditative ‘Sisterly Love’ and dark ‘Daughter Of The Mind’ – are further proof that this trio are refining their sound and crafting exciting, experimental pop. Roll on LP#2, due later in the year.

The ‘Rhonda’ EP is out on Fire

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