Yeah You

North-east Dad/Daughter noiseniks

Who They?

The father and daughter duo of Mykl Jaxn and Elvin Brandhi who, instead of arguing about such trifles as whose turn it is to wash up or who’s taking out the bins, make music that sounds like these same abrasive interactions, and it’s all recorded through a loudspeaker in a moving Volvo.

Why Yeah You?

Who, us? No them! Well, other than the fact that the Newcastle-based pair have a new cassette of broken, lo-fi noise called ‘Vhod’ (which translates from Slovene as “Entrance”), there’s something strangely compelling about these electronic blurtings. Each song sounds unique; semi-shrieked vocals speed through disjointed cronks and pulses so that at times neither can be identified as discrete from the other. Yeah You, then, are a little bit like Marmite: one suspects that if you put it in your tape deck, something incredible might happen. Oh, and you’ll either love it or hate it. They’ve been making music together since 2013, but this – released by London label Alter (who have also worked with the likes of Helm and Bass Clef) – picks up where 2017’s ‘Krutch’ dropped us off and takes their sound up a gear.

Tell Us More

They really do make music while on drives in the family car (see and this seven track release cites “roadsides, refuse hubs, traffic islands and pylons” as just a few of the places where these creations were shaken from the ether. Or perhaps they were summoned from the darkened recesses of a haunted car stereo? If you’ve ever wondered what a Sleaford Mods song might sound like if it was reversed over by a mid-sized family saloon, you really should invest in this brilliant album.

‘Vhod’ is out on Alter

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Their amps go up to 11 and they’re not fazed by Marilyn Manson’s security men. Mesh mean business