Bendik Giske

Bendik Giske on the first and last albums he bought, and one he always returns to


Cypress Hill
‘Black Sunday’
(Ruffhouse/Columbia, 1993)

“It was definitely the first album I bought – twice. I remember the feeling of defiantly purchasing it for the second time, in the only cassette shop in Ubud in Indonesia, after my first copy was confiscated due to the parental advisory label. My first act of musical defiance. Those screeching sounds, which still haunt me, may have inspired the uncontrolled squeaks that make up my sonic universe today.”


Shabaka Hutchings
‘Afrikan Culture’
(Impulse!, 2022)

“The most recent album I bought is Shabaka Hutchings’ ‘Afrikan Culture’, which I’ve been playing on repeat. An album with a forward-leaning title, exploring a number of different flutes, it’s as if Hutchings is diving into memory through oral tradition. A standout track for me is ‘Ital Is Vital’ which, to my ears, is an exploration in rhyme and rhythm, played with a love for the craft.”


‘Chiastic Slide’
(Warp, 1997)

“I have too many favourites to mention, but ‘Chiastic Slide’ by Autechre stands out as an eye-opener I keep coming back to. Like an immersion into the rhythmic and sonic tensions of heavy machinery, the ongoing momentum with gravitational force make listening to this album like experiencing something that’s always been there. It’s a perspective that was made evident by the deep digging of its authors.”

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