Nathan Fake

Nathan Fake reveals the first and last records he bought and the one he always turns to in an emergency


The Grid
(Deconstruction, 1994)

“I’m pretty sure that this was the first album I bought. I can safely say I never listen to it these days,  but back then I really liked their single ‘Swamp Thing’ and saved up to buy the album. It really paved the way for getting into things like Orbital and The Prodigy though.”


Delroy Edwards
‘Slap Happy’
(LIES, 2020)

“I seem to talk about Delroy Edwards a lot in interviews. I bought this off Bandcamp the other day. I think he does the whole lo-fi thing more stylishly and tastefully than anyone else. There’s  a lot of nostalgia and references in his music,  but I find it incredibly enjoyable and totally unpretentious. I like everything he’s done.” 


Four Tet
(Domino, 2003)

“This is a classic album. As with a lot of Kieran’s stuff, it’s timeless and it is just really joyful, organic and colourful music. ‘Rounds’ is also super versatile – it sounds really good on a hot summer’s day or on headphones at 3am in the dark. It’s a completely expertly crafted record.”

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