Maria W Horn

Swedish composer Maria W Horn on the first and last albums she bought, and one she always returns to


Ebba Grön
‘Kärlek & Uppror’
(Mistlur, 1981)

“There was no record shop in the village where I grew up, but one of the stores in the mall had a CD section. I bought Ebba Grön’s ‘Kärlek & Uppror’ there. These are Swedish punk classics. I still love these songs. As my father travelled a lot, working as a sailor on a tanker, I started handing him lists of CDs I wanted, and he brought home piles of cheap bootlegs for me.”


Flower Travellin’ Band
(Philips, 1970)

“Someone referred to Flower Travellin’ Band as the Japanese equivalent of Black Sabbath, and I think that gives a good clue to their sound. I had been hoping to find this one for a long time when I finally came across it in a bookshop in my own neighbourhood. The cover is one of my all-time favourites. It’s so badass.” 


Bobby Beausoleil
‘Lucifer Rising’
(Lethal, 1980)

“Hard to pick just one! I keep coming back to ‘Lucifer Rising’ by Bobby Beausoleil, originally composed as a soundtrack to Kenneth Anger’s 1972 film. The music is performed by Bobby along with the Freedom Orchestra, all of them inmates of the Tracy Prison. I would describe it as psychedelic desert blues, very eerie and atmospheric.”

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