Jonathan More

Coldcut’s Jonathan More reveals the first and last records he bought and the one he always carries in his DJ box in case of emergencies


Jimi Hendrix 
‘The Cry Of Love’
(Track, 1971)

The first record I bought with my own money, all 37s 6d, that’s about £35 now. I’d do odd jobs like brass polishing, dog walking and gardening to earn money which I’d spend in Sunshine Records in Oxford, an important part of my teenage years. Sadly I never managed to see Hendrix play live, I wanted to go the Isle Of Wight festival, but my parents wouldn’t let me!


Kadhja Bonet
‘The Visitor’
(Headcount, 2016)

A cracking album from this LA-based singer/songwriter. It’s an overused phrase, but this is genre defying music that is both lush and tuff. I was a bit late to this one as it came out last year, but it’s a killer. Check it out on Bandcamp. The best track is ‘Honeycomb’, which has a slinky Latin feel, it ambles along in a very relaxed way.


Junior Reid
‘One Blood’
(Big Life, 1990)

‘One Blood’ is always a go-to in a DJing emergency, either as-is or mixed with The Truper’s ‘Street Beats Volume 2’. People recognise both from our Journeys By DJ mix, which always helps! That mix was one of [Coldcut collaborator] PC’s ideas and has become a bit of a classic. If that fails then Malcolm Lock’s version of Bob Marley’s ‘Get Up Stand Up’ always gets a lot of love.

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