Paul Wolinski

Paul Wolinski of 65daysofstatic on the first and last albums he bought, and an all-time favourite

Rocket from the Crypt
‘Scream, Dracula, Scream!’
(Interscope, 1995)

“This was the first album that I legit bought myself – with earnings from my first part-time job – from Our Price on Market Street in Manchester in the summer of 1995. For some reason I was torn between this or ‘The Sun Is Often Out’ by Longpigs. Either one of the best, most incendiary, urgent, joyful punk albums ever written, or sensible 90s indie? I often wonder how my life would have turned out if I’d chosen the wrong one.”

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
‘G_d’s Pee At State’s End!’
(Constellation, 2021)

“Godspeed are one of my few ‘forever bands’. I’ll follow them until the end. So many other bands I fervently believed in have fallen away, not through any fault of their own but just as my own relationship to music changes. But I’ll always pay attention to Godspeed. ‘G_d’s Pee’ is probably my favourite release of theirs in the last decade. It doesn’t quite top their first run of releases, but then, what does?”

‘In Sides’
(Internal, 1996)

“This album should be put in a museum. On a plinth. We should hook up speakers to every lamppost and broadcast it across the world on a loop. ‘The Box’ is just astonishing. ‘Out There Somewhere?’ should be talked about in the same breath as Rachmaninoff’s ‘Symphony No 2’. It’s that good. This record should be taught in school and there should be mandatory listening parties at the start of every club night.”

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