Robin The Fog

Robin The Fog reveals the first and last albums he bought and the one he always turns to in an emergency


Jean Michel Jarre
(Polydor, 1976)

“My dear old dad played this to calm me down as a baby, and on the car stereo when I first moved to London, come to think of it. Familiarity has never changed my love for it. Listening as a child, I realised in some obscure way that music was about shapes, colours and movement – it flows, swoops and if you’re lucky it even wiggles! Been obsessed with sound ever since. Thanks, Dad!”


Beatriz Ferreyra / Natasha Barrett
‘Souvenirs Cachés / Innermost’
(Persistence Of Sound, 2021)

“Embarrassed to admit that Beatriz and Natasha’s works are fairly recent discoveries, made while searching out new sounds for my Resonance FM show ‘Fog Cast’, but each has me absolutely hooked. Beatriz’s music is just wonderful, each piece a living, breathing, thrilling cosmic journey. Walking around the park with her in my headphones made lockdown much more bearable.”


‘The Self-Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind’
(SOUR, 1995)

“Don’t let the proggy leanings fool you, this is pure jungle, side-stepping any contemporary ‘intelligent drum ’n’ bass’ accusations through being lush, intricate and funky as hell. Everything feels sculpted, drums boom and stutter, electronics bubble and squelch, tracks fold in on themselves, collapse into glorious ambience, followed of course by obligatory ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ sample. Well it was the 90s.”

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