Matt Cutler

Lone’s Matt Cutler on the first and last albums he bought and the one he always turns to in an emergency


The Prodigy
(XL Recordings, 1992)

“I remember hearing a few tracks from it on a cassette a kid at school made for me when we were about nine. I must’ve managed to talk my mum into buying the album for me. It’s fair to say this one changed my life – the realisation that this was the first music I actually liked for myself. It totally spoke to me. All those mad riffs and samples inflamed my imagination and set me off on a path I’m still firmly on to this day.”


Mark Broom
‘Angie Is A Shoplifter’
(Pure Plastic, 1996)

“I’ve recently realised that I don’t own nearly enough Mark Broom records. A total unsung hero of UK techno, I’ve been playing his tunes out for years and always loved everything I’ve ever heard by him. But it’s this first record that I’ve only just properly discovered that’s the real gem for me. ‘Funked Up’ is exactly how I want techno to sound. Super cavernous and deep, but so classy. There’s a real mastery to it. And the front cover is hilarious – worth buying for that alone.”


Wagon Christ
‘Tally Ho!’
(Virgin, 1998)

“Luke Vibert is a totally untouchable musical hero to me. I could’ve chosen pretty much any of his albums under any of his guises. ‘Tally Ho!’ encapsulates everything I love about his production. The opening track sets the tone perfectly, all these really nice loungey chords open it up until Luke’s trademark swing hip hop beats throw down. He has a real knack for making the most laid-back beats imaginable and his Wagon Christ alias is where he really puts this to work.”

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