Rival Consoles

Ryan Lee West, aka Rival Consoles, reveals the first and last records he bought and one he always turns to


‘The Bends’
(Parlophone, 1992)

“The first album I would have probably bought would have been ‘The Bends’. As a kid, I was playing guitar every day and I was really inspired by the songwriting of Radiohead. I was given a copy of ‘OK Computer’ on tape by a friend and I knew ‘Creep’, but I only found ‘The Bends’ later.”


Lorenzo Senni
‘Scacco Matto’
(Warp, 2020)

“I have been a fan of Lorenzo Senni’s work for a few years now. When I first heard his music, I wasn’t sure about it because his compositions are so stylistically certain, they’re unequivocal, but the more and more I listen, the more I love it. This is his latest record and it’s great.”


Steve Reich
‘Music For 18 Musicians’
(ECM, 1978) 

“This is one of the most unique compositions. It’s a piece that hits you for its pure and confident exploration of sharp ideas, by a sharp-minded composer. Often, musical ideas are muddied by the stress, the mindset of the composer and all the other possible factors, but this feels like the opposite. A truly brilliant execution of a masterpiece of an idea.”

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