Moolakii Club Audio Interface

Location: Meols, Wirral, UK Est: 2022 

Potted History: ”Moolakii Club was a name I made up in the 90s for a badly planned weekly hip hop/drum ‘n’ bass night in Doncaster, which disappeared after a few months,” says label founder Jez Thelwell. “Fast-forward to the 2020s, when the label came about as a response to the amount of great electronica around with no listeners. I wanted to share these artists with the handful of beautiful people who had picked up my own self-releases.

“The experimental scene is really positive. I have no qualms about the DIY and frankly haphazard goings-on at the label. It’s all about being true to what you are and your own creativity. If you want a professional job – go to the professionals. If you want a wild ride on the precipice of disaster, join the Moolakii Club.”

Mission Statement: ”Here is our ridiculously contrived acrostic manifesto. Manifest physical releases for peripheral and underground experimental electronica artists on cassette and CD. Celebrate raw and authentic DIY electronica and maintain the DIY ethos. Amplify peripheral and underground experimental electronica via our label zine and online presence. Incubate and spotlight this talent.”

Key Artists & Releases: “It began with my own moniker Loopatronica and then came Mode 7 Project, Bone Music, Mihaly Wulfen, Hyacinth, TWGX – now Gneiss, Ogle, Cabbaggage and Thought Bubble, with more still to come. The MCAI philosophy is to approach artists with little following. If others come looking, we’re all ears. Bring in new people and then distribute that support to other marginal performers. Share the wealth. 

“To this end, we release our annual ‘Session Tapes’ compilations – with the next one due in February – and a new initiative for a ‘Sub-Club’ compilation, which has been digital-only to the mailing list followers. We also do charity releases. The Pollinator double album raised £400 for Cheshire Wildlife Trust re-wilding projects, and we’re hosting the forthcoming ‘TfL’ – curated by Bone Music – an album of works using London Underground field recordings, with proceeds to Centrepoint, the homeless charity. And zines – because who doesn’t love a little paper booklet with updates, reviews, recipes, interviews and other stuff?”

Future Plans: “To keep finding and sharing amazing, undiscovered music,” says Thelwell. “We have our first live event in Birkenhead on 24 February, with a line-up featuring artists and DJs from the label. Mc:le is an all-day festival of experimental electronica for £6, tickets are available via our Bandcamp page.”

Any Other Business? “Build it and they will come. Love each other and support creativity in all its guises. Come on – join the Moolakii Club.”

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