Phase Group

Location: Glasgow/Luxembourg Est: 2019

Potted History: “Daniel Magee and I founded Phase Group in Glasgow in 2019 as an outlet for inspiring music that we had come across during our many years in the city’s music scene,” says label co-founder Thomas Lea Clarke.

“Both of us had been recording music, organising parties and concerts in Glasgow and touring in Europe for a few years, and we were hearing a lot of unreleased music by friends and contacts that we felt needed to be out in the world. We had previously put out music together, and separately, under the names MR TC and Lo Kindre on Optimo Music, 12th Isle, and Neubau, and starting a label together felt like a logical next step.

The project accelerated when I was introduced to Andrija Cˇugurović, aka Andria, while playing a gig in Belgrade. Andrija began to share his unreleased music with us, and after connecting online we realised that he was also a talented graphic designer. When we asked Andrija to join the label both as an artist and the in-house graphic designer, everything seemed set. With the invaluable help and guidance of Glasgow’s Rubadub, the first release, ‘PHASE00’, by MR TC and Lo Kindre, came out in 2019 and Andrija’s debut EP ‘o o o o o’ followed soon after. Since then, we’ve put out music by Carcass Identity, Kulku, Lostsoundbytes and Lowspace.”

Mission Statement: “There are no blueprint or genre limitations. We just want to release music that we find inspiring and that we’re lucky enough to be trusted with.”

Key Artists & Releases: “Andrija is an incredibly productive and talented electronic music producer with a totally unique sound,” says Clarke. “He’s going to do big things in his career and we’re excited to be releasing an album by him this year. Kulku is a unique project from Berlin made up of a group of amazing individuals. They make no-age, kraut-inspired post-punk exclusively with acoustic sound sources. When we discovered the recordings of their album ‘Fahren’, they had been sitting on them for over 10 years. It means a lot that they trusted us to put their music out, and we’re also extremely happy to be working on another release with them this year.”

Future Plans: “Our schedule for 2023 is busy – we’ve got six releases lined up to come out in various formats including an album by a brilliant producer from Azerbaijan called Ayaz, albums by Andria and Kulku, some lost recordings from a forgotten Glasgow band, as well as another current Glasgow duo, and the label’s first reissue project.”

Any Other Business? “I don’t think we’ve been going long enough to give anyone advice. We’re still learning a lot as we go along, but I think if you really believe in the music you’re putting out, you can’t go too far wrong.”

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