Sound In Silence

Location: Athens, Greece Est: 2006

Potted History: “I decided to start my own boutique record label, Sound In Silence, in spring 2006,” says founder George Mastrokostas. “This idea came as an inspiration via the wonderful works of other labels I liked around that period, such as Kranky, Constellation, Earworm, Enraptured, Wurlitzer Jukebox, Sarah Records, Static Caravan, and many other smaller DIY labels. I decided that Sound In Silence would be a DIY label, as I wanted all releases to be handmade, which in my opinion makes the final product really unique.

“It’s been much appreciated both by the artists and the fans of the label all these years. I chose this name because I like the contradiction included in it, or maybe not? Even scientists haven’t answered yet with absolute certainty whether silence is a sound that we can hear or is simply the absence of any sound. Besides running the label, I work as an audio and mastering engineer, and in 2001 I started my solo project Absent Without Leave, combining elements of post-rock, ambient, shoegaze and electronica.”

Mission Statement: “The label’s mission is really simple,” explains Mastrokostas. “I try to release high quality new music, whether it’s ambient, modern classical, post-rock or electronic. It’s always presented in collectible, handmade packaging with beautiful cover designs. So far, along with all the artists involved, we have managed to create some beautiful works of art, sharing our common aesthetics and love for music.”

Key Artists & Releases: “I’m proud of all the label’s catalogue, as I only release music by artists I really admire. Usually, any new additions to the roster come from artists who I have built a good relationship with over a period of time, either via the internet or in person.

“So far, I’ve had the honour and pleasure to work with musicians who I was a big fan of for years, including Styrofoam, The Gentleman Losers, Amp, Port-Royal, Stafrænn Hákon, Yellow6, The Declining Winter – formerly Hood, Odd Nosdam – formerly cLOUDDEAD, Panoptique Electrical, JR Alexander – Message To Bears, Miaou, Yndi Halda and many others.”

Future Plans: “The ‘These Clouds’ compilation came out recently to mark the label’s 100th release. It consists of 18 exclusive new tracks. I’m so proud I’ve reached this milestone and hope to maybe continue for the next 100, if possible.

“As for the future, several new releases are already planned for 2023-2024, including artists such as Yellow6, Hessien, Great Panoptique Winter, SineRider, OPandolfo – Stafrænn Hákon, David Newlyn, øjeRum, Ludvig Cimbrelius – Eternell, and The Green Kingdom.”

Any Other Business? “Be yourself and whatever you do, just love it.”

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