Location: Brussels, Belgium Est: 2020

Potted History: “Maloca is a worldwide community and record label based in Brussels,” explains founder Fabien Leclercq, who also makes music as Le Motel. “Our first official release was on 20 January 2020, but I’d had this project in mind for a few years already.

“Around 2014, I started to receive messages on SoundCloud from Cosmic Composition in New Zealand and TAR in LA. It meant a lot to see that people from another corner of the planet believed in my music and were asking to release it. I felt blessed, and I knew one day that I would start a new label that could connect people from all around the world through music. To me, Maloca is more like a community than a personal project. I’m also a graphic designer, so the visual aspect is very important and connected with the music.”

Mission Statement: “The Maloca ethos is to build bridges, interlinking disparate, like-minded musicians who are dedicated to blending organic, electronic and acoustic elements. This is a very open definition and I want it to stay that way.

“Artistic direction and cohesion are very important to me, but really any music that can be defined as ‘hybrid’ has my interest. This linking process is very important. Links can be created between producers and musicians all around the world, and the idea is to make them experiment outside of their comfort zone, to create something new and different from their solo universe.”

Key Artists & Releases: “Our latest release is by Lander Gyselinck, aka Hihats In Trees. Lander is a friend and the best drummer I know. This album is less club-oriented than some of our previous releases, but it makes so much sense on Maloca, and I hope it’ll reach the ears of people from other scenes because it’s very special.

“Other artists include Farsight, Howie Lee, Griffit Vigo, DJ JM, Yuto Takei, Omaar, Dengue Dengue Dengue and Nick León.”

Future Plans: “We are working on a big ‘Various Artists’ compilation coming out in December. Some contributors are newcomers, some are veterans, some are friends or just musical crushes, but they are all connected in a way, and I wanted to put them together on this project. The artwork will be made by the very talented painter Anastasia Bay.”

Any Other Business? “Don’t do this for money. Only start if it’s really coming from your heart. It’s a beautiful, passionate and fun journey but it requires self-discipline and a lot of hard work. It’s also important to be surrounded with friends and collaborators. I launched this label on my own, but it’s a very collaborative project in the end.”

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