Watch the whole trippy film with Legowelt’s electronic soundtrack

If you’ve been listening to the ‘Ambient Light / Ambient Dark’ double CD which came with issue 109 of Electronic Sound, and have been enjoying our floating journey around the world of ambient, then you will have spent time with Legowelt’s ‘Botanical Garden Follow A Strange Illusion’ track. It’s taken from his film, ‘Ambient Trip Commander’, which he animated frame by painstaking frame himself.

‘Ambient Trip Commander’ is the story of Samantha Tapferstern, a geeky young woman who lives a rather dull life in a medium-sized European city. She works a mundane job at a synthesiser store and spends her lonely evenings playing RPG games. One day she receives a cryptic email from a hacker group inviting her to Lonetal, a village secluded somewhere deep in the European Alps. As we follow her journey to Lonetal, things become more sinister and a grand mystery starts to unfold…

‘Ambient Trip Commander’ is the first feature animation film made by Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt. The animation, in which Wolfers’ paintings come to life, is hand drawn, frame-by-frame, using vibrant watercolors and is the achievement of a laborious process which took 18 months to accomplish.

With a running time of 70 minutes, ‘Ambient Trip Commander’ presents a full original soundtrack made by Wolfers himself, which he performed live during screenings and which features improvisation on synthesiser.

‘Ambient Trip Commander’ offers a profound and visually stimulating voyage into Wolfers’ intriguing – and at times, uncanny – fictive world through animation and sound.

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