GLOK is the solo vehicle of Ride guitarist Andy Bell. With two albums under his belt, ‘Dissident’ and ‘Pattern Recognition’, GLOK bridges the expanse between electronic experimentation and the guitar oblivion of shoegaze to hypnotic effect. “GLOK is all about the push and pull between electronic and psych in my music,” says Andy.

When we invited Andy to the Electronic Sound studio to perform a session, he used the opportunity to prepare the GLOK live show for public consumption, with fantastic visuals by Innerstrings, aka video artist Chris Tomsett. The result is an unforgettable, cosmic journey into a realm where guitars and synths collide in gravity-free space.

Set list:

  1. Memorial Device
  2. Cloud Cover
  3. That Time of Night
  4. Exit through the Skylight
  5. Day Three
  6. Projected Sounds
  7. Pulsing
  8. Dissident

GLOK ‘Gateway Mechanics’ LP

Enjoy the live session? Get it on vinyl

The album is an exclusive Electronic Sound release only available here. Limited edition of 500.

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