New mind-warping sound and vision from the master of sound

The new video from Amon Tobin is a sci-fi marvel with an ominous soundtrack to match. It’s a part of a suite of tracks which are due for release later this year, each with its own film. It looks like a David Attenborough documentary, if Attenborough was a time travelling multi-dimensional being capable of capturing footage of unknowable creatures doing unfathomable things in places that don’t exist.

As the fine people at Nomark, the label Tobin set up to release his ever-expanding catalogue of new work when he left Ninja Tune, tell us: “This could be Earth in the future, or in a prehistoric past. Or it could be the rocky dust of a planet in another universe, where multidimensional creatures tease their way across the sky, stirring up the dirt and rocks below them, searching for prey… Spiky, glittering, ominous.

”There will be a lot of music from Amon Tobin in 2023. This is the first “

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