With the album ‘Memory Box’, Rodney Cromwell, aka Happy Robots label boss Adam Cresswell, summons up the era of post-Joy Division British electronica with a lo-fi synthesis, guitar and bass.

With an influences list including Kraftwerk, Neu!, The Cure, Silver Apples, Oppenheimer Analysis and Polyrock, the Rodney Cromwell project delivers a satisfying sonic dream reality of an era that is gone but lives on in our shared memories, where New Order are still friends and remain young forever.

When Rodney Cromwell and band set up their memory box in the Electronic Sound studio, you could almost taste the tape hiss. They summoned up a set that was a eulogy of times past, but also an optimistic gaze at the future. Enjoy the unforgettable melodies and the spirit of DIY culture from the days of TASCAM four-track. Watch it all on your wristwatch television.

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Full Live Session

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