Alice Hubble has gained high-profile fans like Steve Lamacq, Lauren Laverne and Gideon Coe for her project which she describes winningly as “’the product of one lady locked at home with an enormous collection of synthesisers”. Her first album, 2019’s ’Polarlichter’, looked to the kosmische electronica of Tangerine Dream and Ashra, mixing in a spot of English neo-folk. We loved it and made it one of our albums of the year. In 2022, her second album ‘Hexentanzplatz’ drives the Alice Hubble sound into poppier territory with some unforgettable hooks and lush electronica.

It was a real pleasure to have Alice and her able keyboard assistant Tom in the Electronic Sound studio for their session. As a classic odd-couple synthpop duo, Alice’s mesmerising delivery and Tom’s ever-studious aura whipped up an atmosphere of hexen magic and hi-tech electronics.

Set list:

  1. Make Believe
  2. My Dear Friend
  3. Goddess
  4. Power Play
  5. Hexentanzplatz
  6. Gleichfalls
Buy Alice Hubble ‘Hexentanzplatz’ (Green Vinyl) LP – limited stock

We have a few copies left of the limited edition green pressing of Alice Hubble’s fantastic new LP. ‘Hexentanzplatz’ is named after the German mountain steeped in magic and legend, translates literally to mean Witches’ Dance Floor. An apt title for an album that dances its way through themes of illusion, love, feminism and protest whilst maintaining glistening, 80’s synth-pop sensibilities.

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