Bathe in the slow TV experience of Benge’s excellent retro ‘The Memetune Programme’.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is ‘The Memetune Programme’. It’s the latest output from Ben Edwards, aka Benge, prolific producer and sometime member of John Foxx And The Maths, Blancmange, Wrangler, Fader, Creep Show and many more of your favourite electronic star turns of recent years.

There are six episodes of ‘The Memetune Programme’, amounting to several hours of tightly scripted and shot synth content. In these days of reels, stories and internet-delivered blipverts, the half-hour of slow TV that is ‘The Memetune Programme’ is a contemplative pleasure. Watching a man patch an ARP 2500 while he describes precisely and concisely what he’s up to is ‘Repair Shop’-level restorative entertainment, geared entirely towards synth nerds the world over. 

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