Eve Maret

Communications from pop/art frontline

Who they?

Eve Maret is a Nashville-based electronic musician who is happy to sit either side of the pop/art frontiers, producing music that refreshingly rarely ever sits in one easily definable place.

Why Eve Maret?

Maret brings an ears-wide-open approach to creating songs that act as a challenge to homogeneity and conformist musical attitudes. Her influences encompass everything from 1980s electronic pop to the art experiments of the Fluxus movement, via funk and choral music. This is not the work of a restless musical mind, but someone who just doesn’t see the merits of genre pigeonholes – her 2016 album, ‘Say So’, showcased her more experimental side, whereas 2018’s ‘No More Running’ swam more obviously in the waters of electronic pop convention. Inclusivity isn’t just something Maret expresses in her music: her wider CV encompasses Hyasynth House, which acts as both an arts collective and an education centre for female, trans and non-binary electronic artists.

Tell us more…

Maret’s latest offering, ‘Stars Aligned’, is the album that draws her distinctive vision together. It’s here that her delicate, emotional instrumental ambient soundscapes rub shoulders with emotive electronic pop; sonic minimalism with the maximalist melodic sensibilities of her heavily vocodered voice. There’s the Class Of 1981 springy synthpop of the assertive, resolute ‘Do My Thing’, all crisp beats, unpredictable synth wooshes and fat bass that somehow ends up sounding like a classic block party electro cut. While the gauzy accents of ‘Impressions’ find a beatific (yet uncertain) sequence overlaid with wandering countrified guitar reflections. The hyperactive many-layered track, ‘Synthesizer Hearts’ might as well be this magazine’s anthem – a stirring, unpredictable track that nails its electronic colours joyously to the synth mast.

‘Stars Aligned’ is out now on Prah

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