Experimental west coast techno-pop

Who She?

Los Angeles-based Sinosa Loa hits the floor running with her debut release for the always-likeable Happy Robots label. The single, ‘If U Must Dance’, is a minimal, cool-as-icebergs take on dancefloor culture, which seems to be catching a reflection of Laurie Anderson’s ‘O Superman’ in the bathroom mirror while its fixing its make-up. It’s pretend mainstream, and actually really quite weird.

Why Sinosa?

Enigmatic and confounding, Sinosa’s art prank/conceptual head-messing past informs her new direction here, which looks and sounds like it’s been engineered for the world’s danceterias, but in fact pulls the rug for under you just as you’re getting going. There’s something beguilingly odd going on here…

Tell Us More…

Aha! Sinosa was in the band Fol Chen, the Asthmatic Kitty-signed art-pop group whose Samuel Bing is also in Liars. This is a group who created the Fol Chen Verbal Algorithm Composer-Free Song Generator, which allowed visitors to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis to create songs they could take home. They also designed a device called Tetrafol, a motion-sensitive pyramid loaded with Fol Chen samples, and allowed users to add their own sounds before, you guessed, it wrote a song for them. Where Sinosa takes her solo stylings next is anybody’s guess, but this clear vinyl seven-inch is certainly the right place to start.

‘If U Must Dance’ is released by Happy Robots

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