Jennifer Touch



After singing in various bands growing up, Berliner Jennifer Touch went solo in 2014 with the release of her “post-wave- cold-pop-acid-romance” single ‘Rain’. Since then, she’s split her time between recording, DJing, and playing live gigs.

Why Jennifer Touch?

‘Midnight Proposals’, released on Fatcat Records earlier this year, is Touch’s second album following 2020’s ‘Behind The Wall’. The vibe on the new work is a mix of chilled 1980s synthpop and the dancier side of darkwave, with a track like ‘Sacred Type’ showing how Touch has a firm grasp of what constitutes great pop music. With vocals drenched in haunting amounts of reverb, there’s no holding back the incredible romance her sound projects. “The bones of this song exist because I was jamming with Alex Knight from Fatcat, and I said I needed a drumbeat to be played,” explains Touch. “He was playing with a very old drum machine, just jamming. Then he played it almost like it is on the final recording.”

Tell Us More…

While there are a number of electronic genres Touch could attach herself to, the imaginative “post-wave-cold-pop- acid-romance” tag she uses tells us she’s not particularly bothered about fitting in. “My music changes every time I record,” she says. “I’m influenced by so many things, and when I write an album, I want to make songs. ‘Becoming (Destroyer)’, from my ‘Moon In Aries’ EP, was written during the pandemic when I lived in the UK. I couldn’t focus on the structure, so with sequencing I tried to be very harsh, but with lyrics that are more hopeful.”

‘Midnight Proposals’ is out on Fatcat

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