York dreampoppers primed for a break


Kimber is Mikey Wilson and Josh Heffernan, a York-based duo who, after a decade working together on various projects, are now making music on their own terms. The result has been a series of stunning singles inspired by electropop, post-punk and new wave.

Why Kimber?

Their debut EP, ‘Slow Moon, Long Night’, is a collection of crystalline electronic indie steeped in catchy melodies and brooding atmospherics packed with intriguing contradictions. While the production is pristine, the music itself has a palpable roughness, and they call their ethos “performed not programmed”, which explains the humanity in their machine-led sound. ‘Think I Know The Answer’, their debut single from 2020, combines the rhythmic pulse of New Order and Mount Kimbie’s woozy production style with the melodic moodiness of Beach House. ‘A Melancholy Spring’, on the other hand, dives further into the darker end of early 1980s electropop. Though it’s taken time for this duo to come out of the woods, each new offering has shown added nuance to their sound.

Tell Us More…

Building the Kimber vision hasn’t been easy. Though they have a genuine obsession with collecting studio gear and opening up to new production methods, tools had to be gathered over time without the backing of a major label. But Wilson and Heffernan gradually saved money from their day jobs, and with each new piece of kit came fresh opportunities to learn. Their first drum machine purchase, a Korg Volca Beats, can be heard on the main loop of ‘House In The Sky’, a standout track from the EP which signals the opening experiments from an electropop act full of potential. Expect to hear more from these two.

‘Slow Moon, Long Night’ is out on Safe Suburban Home

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