Nostalgic, genre-jumping floorfillers

Who they?

Berlin-based producer Samantha Poulter is Logic1000,  a purveyor of dreamy dance grooves whose new five-track EP, ‘In The Sweetness Of You’, follows an earlier EP from this year, two 12-inch singles and a clutch of remixes.  The previous EP ‘You’ve Got The Whole Night To Go’ was, says Poulter, “Very much a club and festival record that would have been, if not for lockdown, perfect for playing out”. 

Why Logic1000?

This time round, there’s more of a home-listening agenda  to tracks like ‘Natural’ and the FSOL-esque ‘21’.“The mood of each changes slightly every time,” she says, “but there is definitely some consistency throughout. I hope that each release is recognisably me.” As for the name, it’s a nod to André 3000 and Galaxie 500, alongside more practical concerns. “I’ve always liked numbers in names. I had to stop using the name DJ Logic because the original DJ Logic sent me a cease and desist notice, ha ha.”

Tell us more…

There’s something irresistible about her brand of comfortingly serene and melodic “house music for the morning”. It’s possibly down to the idiosyncratic musical path she has taken, which started with watching Michael Jackson and Peter Andre videos on TV, slowly progressing onto Destiny’s Child, then indie and finally UK dance music, which still informs her sound. She learned piano at a very early age, but didn’t keep it up, and she also played the drums in her sister’s band for a one-off show. “When I say drums, I mean a single tom,” she laughs. The plan for 2022 is “to get back to playing shows while getting in the studio and making as much music as possible”. It really is that simple.

‘In The Sweetness Of You’ is out on Therapy 

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