Second city psyche soundtrackists

Who they?

A psyche meets dystopian soundtrack-fuelled three-piece from Digbeth in Birmingham… on guitars, Mr Stuart-Lee Tovey, bringing the synthy goodness, Mr Brid Rose, on drums, both electronic and analogue, Mr Tom Mark Whitfield *pauses for massive drum solo*… Oh, sorry, got a bit showtime there for a moment.  

Why Matters?

The music, right, right. Formed in 2015, Matters have clearly been fine tuning, making a splash in June 2018 when they wowed at Birmingham’s Supersonic festival and capitalised with an excellent, self-titled debut EP on Static Caravan. Getting all Groundhog Day, they recently served up a new EP, ‘The Square’, and another outing at last month’s Supersonic was again fruitful. 

Tell us more… 

What? The music? Oh yes, almost forgot. ‘The Square’ is an eight-minute-odd driving motorik menace, which had us cackling at its Carpenter string swells and ‘Psycho’ nods. Of the other four tracks, all remixes, the growling tribal Matters x Hoopla Blue re-rub of their nine-minute arpeggiating epic ‘Mauveine’ from the first EP is such a treat. Oh, and far be it from us to have our heads turned by nice packaging, but the cassette of ‘The Square’ turns up in a handmade square box. See? Square. Goodness, it’s nice. It comes as an edition of just 77. Finding a copy will certainly keep you busy. We are going to be keeping a close eye on this lot. Big things people, Mark our words, big things.

‘The Square’ is out on Static Caravan 

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