Heartstring-tugging emotional electronica

photo: jonas Lindstroem

Who He?

Jack Colleran, a 22-year-old Dublin-dwelling producer and sensitive soul to boot. His debut album ‘Luneworks’, due in the spring, is a total heartbreaker. Born out of a messy break up, it’s a dazzling piece of work by any standards, but when you discover it’s his debut… Blimey.

Why Mmoths?

Previous outings, EPs ‘Mmoths’ and ‘Diaries’, hinted at what might be in store, but for what we are about to receive may we be truly thankful. First fruit from the album, ‘Deu’, is a swollen storm of a song with its trace of haunting vocal as the track builds and builds, layer upon layer, slowly cranking up the distortion until the whole thing is soaked in sound. It sets the scene perfectly for ‘Luneworks’, which is at times dense and powerful, at others delicate and gentle. Colleran claims he only listened to My Bloody Valentine while he was writing. Does it show? Oh, it does.

Tell Us More…

As with all relationship breakdowns, a sharp exit and a bit of distance is always best. Colleran headed to LA when a pal offered him what he charmingly describes as “the floor of some shitty small spare bedroom”. Packing just a laptop and a change of clothes, he spent a month raking through the ashes of his wrecked love life and poured it all into this glorious, emotionally-charged belter. Brace yourselves because this is just the beginning for Mmoths.

‘Deu’ is out on Because Music/OYAE

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