Love, metaphysics and riotous synthpop


Kiffie is the electronic alias of Daniel Kiff – a talented and phenomenally productive artist based in Norwich. His releases have showcased an expansive knowledge of synthpop and a remarkably fluid set of influences, framing lyrics that carry an emotional sensitivity and worldly awareness.

Why Kiffie?

“I almost never write a song that isn’t about something real, whether that be love, politics, the state of the world, or habitat destruction,” he says. Clearly a deep-thinking electronic artist, he muses, “Perhaps most are about exploring the human condition and asking, ‘Who are we?’ and ‘Who am I?’.” Kiff has been independently releasing music via Bandcamp since his 2021 debut album, ‘Eight Ways It Ends’, which he describes as an exploration of our mortality and potentially apocalyptic demise.

Tell Us More…

Kiff released two albums in 2022 – the gloomy and sensual ‘Pixellation’, and the sci-fi opus ‘Interplanetary Exodus’. For all its grim and grey textures, ‘Pixellation’ was inspired by the idea of “finding love and wanting special moments to last forever”, and it culminates with the infectiously heartfelt longing of ‘Kissy Kissy’. On the flip side, ‘Interplanetary Exodus’ documents the increasingly plausible notion of a colony of surviving Earthlings escaping their ravaged home for planetary pastures new, Kiff’s delicate voice lamenting the people left behind to perish. Not one to ever rest on his electropop laurels, Kiff’s prolific streak continues with ‘Daring The Darkness’, released last month. Perhaps his most sombre work to date, the album showcases the rapid evolution of the Kiffie template, with the addition of Interpol-esque guitars alongside masterful synth hooks.

‘Daring The Darkness’ is out on Bandcamp

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