West Country pastoral meets political 

Who they?

Not friends, or wellies, but Matt Huxley, the Bridport musician making joyful music inspired by the wonders of the West Country. After discovering the natural themes shaping the Muckers identity, you become subdued by the synaesthesia of rhythmic and rural landscapes, created with sounds so fresh that you start to smell woodland. Released on his London label Circle Dance, Huxley playfully translates Mother Nature into icy electronica that evokes a strong togetherness.

Why Muckers?

Muckers’ latest release, ‘Dingly Dell’, descends into a wild world of dark, foreboding nights and hope for spring, all while providing danceable beats. Glassy strings open the EP with anticipation, as doom and prosperity blend over groaning basslines on track ‘Barl-E-Corn’. Winter is tangible. I envision a ship of people guided towards a lighthouse, feeling their way through the blackness to come ashore for a rave on the cliff’s edge. While on ‘Highway (A303 Mix)’, the ‘Autobahn’-esque plodding evolves through the four tracks with the meandering brightness of a Durutti Column track. Very pleasant on the ears.

Tell us more…

‘Dingly Dell’ can be purchased through Bandcamp on a special cassette that includes a B-side called ‘Acid Camping’. This 11-minute piece features a monologue by Muckers, performed over rearranged music from the EP. It can also be listened to on ACFM, the radio show of which he is a producer. In a bit of a history lesson, we are taken on an informative trip through the more political ideas behind Circle Dance. Huxley looks with optimism to the future and how we can peacefully exist together in our rural areas. Sweet birdsong then summons this journey to an end. Lovely.

‘Dingly Dell’ is out on Circle Dance

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