Henry Green

Shuuush, it’s the new sound of Bristol

Who He?

A 22-year old Bristolian content to smudge the line between modern pop and considered electronic music. Unafraid of space and silence, Green’s songs find him reducing rhythms to hollow pulses and melodies to serene, ephemeral gestures, or crafting intricately detailed arrangements that nod to the soul-inflected work of The Blow Monkeys without a trace of the period gaucherie.

Why Henry Green?

Green’s music is obsessed with texture and nuance, with songs like ‘Barcelona’ from his 2015 debut EP ‘Slow’ operating with a quiet drama that emphasises the anguished quality to his delicately soulful voice. Norwegian producer Kygo (the guy who did that track with Selena Gomez that you’re too cool to admit you liked) put Green on the map with an exceptionally subtle remix of his cover of MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’, hopelessly confounding any listeners picking up Green’s EPs expecting to find a crystal-clear pop artist.

Tell Us More…

New single ‘Stay Here’ was recorded in an achingly hip Berlin studio and telegraphs even greater levels of reductivism. Born out of a crisis of confidence over where to take his music next, ‘Stay Here’ is an appropriate title; though made up of many complex layers, its extreme absence of anything but the most gentle, most weightless of structures and a vocal that is more whispered than sung, suggests that the process of figuring out his next move eventually made Green realise that there was absolutely nothing wrong with where he was.

‘Stay Here’ is out on Akira

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