Drones Club

Nutjob guerilla collective serve up heady synth concoction

Who They?

An “electronic organisation made up of a rotating cast of anonymous drones”, apparently. Eager to stick a middle finger up to convention, Drones Club are here with their hectic mish-mash of synths, chants and stomping beats.

Why Drones Club

Their ‘Rasa’ EP is part house, part funk and full of cultish vocals, with a sprinkling of 90s techno. They describe their most recent single ‘Feel No Pain’ as “a reading, a lesson in salvation and dignity through shared suffering”. Quite. They’re a co-operative, functioning as a unit rather than individual players. “Think the conceptual hi-jinks of Bill Drummond, the mock-corporate organisational structures of Devo, or the situationist ideas of ZTT,” they say. Somewhat organised chaos then.

Tell Us More

The London collective have been causing quite a stir in The Big Smoke, having played a guerilla gig at Oxford Circus, with their performances described as “part-way between a religious ceremony and a political rally”.

Not ones for subtlety, when playing at London’s Corsica Studios, the gang transformed the venue into their version of a “devotional, revolutionary space” full of smoke and chopped ’n’ screwed gospel music. And before that, they handed out pamphlets during their set in a “post-apocalyptic Portakabin” at the Arcola Theatre. Oh and there was that time they disrupted London Fashion Week with another guerrilla appearance, dressed in boiler suits and balaclavas. Like I said, organised chaos.

‘Rasa’ is released by PMR

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