Script Kid

Under-the-radar woozy beats

Who they?

Philadelphia-based Script Kid is wilfully anonymous. All we have to go on is a pencil sketch profile image on Bandcamp of a cap-wearing individual with a beard.

Why Script Kid?

A script kid is the name given to a teenage hacker, those daring coding libertarians who represent individuals determined to make a dent in the armour of the military-industrial complex. The moniker seems to perfectly suit an outsider electronic artist who wants to operate in the margins and describes their music variously as being “for the socially distanced, the Facebook expats, the revolutionaries, and the anonymous”. Script Kid’s music exists as a confrontation to the always-transmitting social media lovers and those who have decided to stay resolutely underground, away from prying eyes, in a world where socio-political unrest has become the accepted norm.

Tell us more…

Script Kid’s debut EP, ‘Music For A Deprecated Dataset’, arrives graffiti-tagged with an elusive, obfuscated tonality. Dazed trip hop beats and drum ’n’ bass rhythms are enveloped under a fog so thick you’re not sure if they’re actually there at all or just ghostly outlines. ‘Trigger\Riot’ nods simultaneously in the amorphous direction of Aphex Twin’s ‘Xtal’ and Biosphere’s ‘Novelty Waves’ before you realise that the wandering bassline poking out from beneath layers of disjointed melodies is a reverential throwback to 1960s Philly soul. ‘Swayze’ has a cloying murkiness full of twitchy rhythmic gestures and a hollowed-out, empty euphoria that feels like being lost inside a broken computer, while the eight-minute ‘x011’ is an exercise in queasy listening, all wonky sounds and heavy, ceaseless dark ambience. Vive la révolution.

Music For A Deprecated Dataset’ is out
on Music Is The Devil

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